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Tool Design & Development

Tool Design & Development

  • Solid Works (3-D Modeling and Assembly)

  • Solid Works Simulation (FEA)

  • Gear Trax

  • 2-D AutoCAD & 3-D AutoCAD Inventor

  • Gerotor (Maverick)​

  • Solid Edge

  • FEA Analysis

Using a combination of engineering expertise and the industry's latest technology, we can develop the right tooling for the job. Through our partnership with a major university, we can rapidly provide plastic models of your design.

In-House Tooling Capabilities

  • Master CAM, CNC Programing (Linked to Solid Works and AutoCad)

  • Sinker & Wire EDM (Electro Discharge Machining)

  • Grinding

  • Polishing


Symmco successfully develops over 100 sets of tools each year. We specialize in tool transfers with minimal adaptation costs. Additionally, capabilities exist for functional prototypes.

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