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PM Solutions “In Motion”

You can’t afford to lose momentum when your industry’s always “on the move.” Trust Symmco to
deliver the durable, cost-effective motion parts you need.

From the smallest of bearings to the largest of complex structural components, Symmco has the engineering expertise and tools (press sizes ranging from 5 to 750 tons) to produce a wide range of high quality PM products.


In fact, the manufacturers of farm equipment, recreational vehicles, marine equipment, commercial vehicles, automobiles, small and large appliances, lawn and garden equipment, construction equipment, electric tools, medical equipment, exercise equipment, robotic devices, automation equipment and industrial equipment have turned to Symmco’s dynamic capabilities for:

■ Linear Actuators
■ Actuators
■ Electric Motors
■ Gear Boxes
■ Speed Reducers
■ Gear Reducers
■ Clutches & Brakes

power transmission

& motion control

Using the PM process, Symmco can produce stronger, higher quality, longer-lasting:

■ Pinion Gears
■ Spur Gears
■ Bevel Gears
■ Helical Gears
■ Carrier Plates
■ Sprockets
■ Planetary Systems
■ Bushings/Bearings
■ Couplings
■ Structural Components
■ Assemblies

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