Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) are pressed and thermally-treated powder metal components with 3D magnetic properties. SMC materials are composed of encapsulated iron powder particles that are compacted to form uniform isotropic components with complex shapes in a single step. The use of these materials makes innovative electrical machine designs technologically viable.


At Symmco We Offer Somaloy®

Somaloy® makes it possible to design innovative, compact and powerful electric motors. With Somaloy® it is possible for motor designers to build an electric motor to suit its application – instead of restricting the application to the motor’s limitations! The secret is the unique 3D properties of the Somaloy® components. Using Somaloy® it becomes possible to define a magnetic field in three dimensions, and create improved or even entirely new machine concepts.


Electric Motors
(Claw Pole and Linear Tubular Pole motors)


  • Potential size/weight reduction

  • Fewer parts and ease of assembly  through elimination of laminate stacks

  • Higher Fill Factor

  • Yields increased power density

Fast Switching Actuators and

Power Transformers


  • Faster actuation (up to 50%)

  • Cost-efficient production


Somaloy® materials offer a unique combination of magnetic saturation and low eddy current losses. Consequently, they are uniquely positioned, over-bridging traditional materials such as ferrites and electrical steel sheets. Somaloy® materials can successfully be used from line frequency to 100 kHz.

Somaloy may be the answer to your unique electric
motor applications.

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  • High resistivity

  • High flux density

  • Tight tolerances achievable

  • Low core losses at high frequencies

  • High permeability

  • 3-D flux paths

  • Net shape capability