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About us

Symmco Mission Statement

Molding the future of manufacturing with cutting-edge Powdered Metal solutions.

The values which guide our actions and decision-making are:

The values which guide our actions and decision-making are:

  • Integrity: Demonstrating honesty, strong ethics, care, and compassion in our dealings with customers, employees and the community.

  • Commitment: Demonstrating unified resolve in focusing on customer interests and showing concern for the individual and the community.

  • Accountability: Demonstrating, at all levels, a culture of discipline which balance freedom with responsibility, stresses continuous improvement and rewards personal initiative and ownership.

  • Passion: Demonstrating, at all levels, a strong drive to be the best and to care for our customers, employees and the community

Symmco is a trusted source for innovative solutions to some of today’s toughest design challenges. With unique technical expertise and extensive manufacturing capabilities, the company supplies some of the most prominent manufacturers in the world with custom PM products. In fact, Symmco parts are used in a wide variety of market-specific applications, where the conversion to PM has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to machined counterparts.


From its founding in 1952, Symmco has evolved into one of the most innovative and technically capable companies in our industry.  Investments in state of the art equipment and leading edge material technology provide our customers today with solutions to their design, quality and delivery challenges.

Committed to Community

Symmco’s management remains firmly committed to our customers, employees and stockholders. And through the Symmco Foundation, the company also demonstrates its dedication to family and community.

In addition to supporting a wide range of community activities and events, Symmco awards scholarships annually to help students pursue their educational goals.






Symmco's quality management system includes accurate and thorough documentation and records management, an effective planning and implementation structure, good resource management, as well as efficient process control, measurement and analysis.

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