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We specialize in conversions that:

  • Enable single-supplier transactions

  • Save time & money

  • Prevent unnecessary waste

  • Provide cost-effective alternatives

  • Offer materials options

  • Accommodate the creation of assemblies

  • Minimize supplier requirements

  • Ensure greater quality assurance

Case Study #2 – Gears

Making minimal modifications to the design of the gear set above (which began as very expensive off-the-shelf pieces requiring full machining), Symmco was able to develop a PM gear pair molded exactly for its intended use.

Case Study #1 – Helical Gear 
Prior to working with Symmco, the customer paid a premium price for machining solid blanks into helical gears, and each part alone yielded over 50% scrap (350 grams).
Through a P/M conversion that produced this gear at near net shape, Symmco eliminated costly scrap and machining expenses and helped to reduce lead times and shipping costs (since the customer no longer had to pay to ship material that would be wasted).

If you’re thinking about converting to powdered metal, know that the decision won’t be one you make alone. Our Engineering Department will ensure that powder metal is the right fit for your company before conversion and how the PM conversion can save you time and money. A jointly-approved production plan will be developed and implemented to meet your exacting requirements on schedule.

Why PM?

  • Cost Effectiveness 

• Great for VAVE

  • Highly detailed products near net shape are achieved with little or no machining

  • Wide range of material options exist to correspond with desired mechanical properties

  • Environmentally Friendly

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