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PM 101

Powder metallurgy can help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your manufacturing operations. Our Engineering Department has developed a comprehensive course called “PM 101” to showcase how conversion to PM can result in significant savings in both time and money over traditional casting and machining methods.

In our 2 hour course you’ll learn the:

  • Basics of PM and the powder metal process

  • Advantages of PM and why it might be the best choice for your business

  • Limitations of PM

  • Material guidelines for the PM industry

  • Material grades and characteristics

  • Tooling guidelines and design

  • Secondary operation options using the PM process


New Press Technology To Serve You Better

Learn how our new Osterwalder and Dorst Hybrid Hydraulic/Mechanical Molding Presses allow the production of very complex parts requiring up to 500 tons to press.

Symmco is confident that your inclusion in this educational presentation will be well-worth your while. Schedule a seminar at your office or at the Symmco plant today!  Call 814-894-2461.

We'll help you achieve a better bottom line using PM.

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