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Personnel Directory

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General E-mail


Beth Krise

President (ext. 138)

cell: 814-771-3906

Karen Hockinson

Director of Finance (ext. 116)

Kristina Kline

Director of Human Resources (ext. 139)

Coleman Kubala

Operations Manager (ext. 152)

Andrew Serafini

Materials Engineering Manager (ext. 113)

Marketing & Sales

Matt Gritzer

Director of Sales (ext. 104)

Kathy Wise

Customer Relations &

Marketing Manager (ext. 106)

cell: 814-771-3905

Jarred Andrulonis

Product Design &

Development Engineer (ext. 144)


Kyle Robertson

Product Design &

Development Engineer (ext. 147)

​Customer Service

Charis Morris

Customer Service (ext. 101)

Nancy Mowrey

Customer Service (ext. 145)

Michele Kister

Sales Coordinator (ext. 103)


John Sarick

Director of Engineering (ext. 153)


Greg Wachob

Process Engineer (ext. 126)

Zachary Puhala

Process Engineer (ext. 142)


Don Smith

Director of Quality (ext. 108)

Tim Coder

Quality Engineer (ext. 141)

Nick Tyler

Quality Engineer (ext. 127)

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